October Monthly Activities

Books to Read!

¿Es hora? / Is It Time? by Marilyn Janovitz
1 2 3 by Tom Slaughter
10 Minutes til Bedtime by Peggy Rathmann
1-2-3 to The Zoo by Eric Carle
26 Letters and 99 Cents by Tana Hoban
3, 2, 1 Go!: A Transportation Countdown by Sarah Schuette
Cat Count by Betsy Lewin
Count and See by Tana Hoban
Count! by Denise Fleming
Cubes, Cones, Cylinders, & Spheres by Tana Hoban
Days and Times / Días y horas by Kathleen Petelinsek and E. Russell Primm
Each Orange Had Eight Slices by Paul Giganti
Farm Life by Elizabeth Spurr
Five Green and Speckled Frogs by Priscilla Burris
Five Little Ducks by Raffi
How Many Birds? by Don L. Curry
How Many Elephants? by Selby Beeler
How Many, How Many, How Many? by Rick Walton
How Much is a Million? David Schwartz
Inch by Inch
by Leo Lionni
Jump, Frog, Jump! by Robert Kalan
Just a Minute!: A Trickster Tale and Spanish Counting Book by Yuyi Morales
Los números / Numbers by Clare Beaton
Marcos Counts: One, Two, Three / Uno, dos, tres by Tomie De Paola
Moja Means One: A Swahili Counting Book by Muriel Feelings
Mother Goose Numbers on the Loose by Leo and Diane Dillon
Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh / Spanish version: Cuentas Ratones
Much Bigger Than Martin by Steven Kellogg
My Very First Look at Numbers by Christiane Gunzi
Net Numbers: A South Carolina Number Book by Carol Crane
Number of Dragons by Loreen Leedy
One Is a Snail, Ten Is a Crab: A Counting Feet Book by April Pulley Sayre and Jeff Sayre
Rooster's Off to See the World by Eric Carle
Ten Puppies by Lynn Reiser
Ten Red Apples by Virginia Miller
Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang
Train Leaves the Station by Eve Merriam
Uno, Dos, Tres: One, Two, Three by Pat Mora
Warthogs in the Kitchen: A Sloppy Counting Book by Pamela Duncan Edwards
Weather/El Tiempo by Kathleen Petelinsek and E. Russell Primm
Who's Counting? by Nancy Tafuri


Original artwork by Helen Correll

Read & Rhyme


Monthly Activities

Wonderful Websites

  • H.I.P. Pocket Change – The United States Mint has a website just for kids! Here you can learn all about money and even create your own coin!
  • Toy Theater – At the Toy Theater you can compose music, make art, play Tic Tac Toe, and explore the interactive playset.