October 24

Sing a Song

Five Little Fishies

Five little fishies swimming in a pool,
(wiggle fingers)
First one said, “The pool is cool.”
(one finger up, wrap arms around body)
Second one said, “The pool is deep.”
(two fingers up, measure deep)
Third one said, “I want to sleep.”
(three fingers up, rest head on hands)
Fourth one said, “Let’s dive and dip.”
(four fingers up, hand dives and dips)
Fifth one said, “I spy a ship.”
(five fingers up, peer out under hand)
Fisherman’s boat comes,
(fingers form a V and move away from body)
Line goes ker-splash,
(pantomime throwing fishing line)
Away the five little fishies dash.
(wiggle five fingers away)

One More Story

When you visit this website tomorrow there will be two new books for you to enjoy. Visit your local library to take home a copy of this book or click here to find your local public library. Check here to see what books are coming next or look back on what we’ve read so far this year.

Try This

Singing day! Together, sing songs with numbers: The Ants Go Marching, Five Little Ducks, and One Potato, Two Potato.


Visit these links for great videos to share with your child.

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