March 27

Sing a Song

Leaves are Falling

Leaves are falling all around
(Hands over head, bring them ‘falling’ down)
On the roof tops, on the ground.
(Tent fingertips over head, touch floor)
Leaves are falling on my nose,
(Reach each in turn: nose)
On my head, hands, knees and toes.
(Head, hands, knees, toes)

One More Story

When you visit this website tomorrow there will be two new books for you to enjoy. Visit your local library to take home a copy of this book or click here to find your local public library. Check here to see what books are coming next or look back on what we’ve read so far this year.

Try This

Have fun in the bath. You can talk together about all the fun things to do in the water. Make up songs about being in the water.


Sesame Street: Global Grover Bathing

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