January 27

Sing a Song

Pease Porridge

It’s Mother Goose time. There is a rhyme called Pease Porridge. You can clap along.

Pease Porridge hot,
Pease Porridge cold.
Pease Porridge in the pot,
Nine days old.
Do you know what porridge is? What about oatmeal? What about cereal? What do you like to eat for breakfast?

One More Story

When you visit this website tomorrow there will be two new books for you to enjoy. Visit your local library to take home a copy of this book or click here to find your local public library. Check here to see what books are coming next or look back on what we’ve read so far this year.

Try This

Make a Nutrition Train! The body works like a “nutrition train.”

Along the way, whatever children eat gets loaded onto to the train. Bad food eating, like greasy pizza and high fat cheeseburgers, slows the train down. Healthy foods like vegetables and fruits speeds the train up and help it work correctly.

Help your child create his or her very own Nutrition Train and work together to draw the good things that are part of the train.


Visit these links for great videos to share with your child.

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