January 15

Sing a Song

Right Hand, Left Hand

Here is a rhyme that also helps with learning coordination!

This is my right hand,
I’ll raise it up high.
(right hand up)
This is my left hand,
I’ll touch the sky.
(left hand up)
Right hand,
(show right palm)
Left hand,
(show left palm)
Roll them around.
(roll hands over and over)
Left hand,
(show palm)
Right hand,
(show palm)
Pound, pound, pound.
(pound fists together)

One More Story

When you visit this website tomorrow there will be two new books for you to enjoy. Visit your local library to take home a copy of this book or click here to find your local public library. Check here to see what books are coming next or look back on what we’ve read so far this year.

Try This

Have your child draw pictures of different vegetables and fruit and save them for tomorrow’s activity!

Explore More

Learn more about fruits and vegetables that you can add to your diet. Find some new ones for variety.