Let’s Get Crafty

Every day is art day! Use these websites for crafts to make, many using common materials found around the house. Don’t worry if the end product isn’t perfect–the process is the important part for you and your child.

boatload of crafts

masks and more

Masks are a fun craft project for any age. Here are several websites with mask templates to get you started. Design and make your own too!

explore art

  • Design Your Own Stamp
    Print the template and create your own stamp.
  • Nick Jr. Paper Crafts
    Nick Jr. has hundreds of printables that you and your child can use to inspire the imagination.
  • Free Paper Toys
    Print, cut, and glue your way to fun toys and boxes made just of paper. Some younger children will need help with making the toys but everyone can enjoy an animal friend finger puppet.
  • Download a Dinosaur Print a few dinosaurs to color and cut out. Make a whole forest of dinosaurs or blow up the page to make a huge one.